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These 7-Second Videos Generated Over 10,000,000 Views and Over $330,000 Within A Year

Our primary focus is short clips, 7-30 second clips containing just the information needed and no more to get people to click and then make a purchase.

These Clips feature on YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok and Facebook (in that order in terms of traffic) using our loophole, audiences, system & A.I technology uses, bringing us millions of views per month.

And you’re about to see everything we do and be able to apply everything we know in the simplest, fastest way possible.

We've Also Shown This System To Others and Here's What Happened:

We Are At The Golden Era Of Free Traffic

TikTok, Youtube & Instagram No Longer Require Paid Advertising To See Massive Success, And We’ll Prove It To You!

Times may look rough for the majority of people, but that’s not because of laziness or lack of will or even hard work, it is mainly because most systems out there perpetuate outdated methods or outdated approaches to newer methods.

And yet, myself and Greg, along with hundreds of our students are making, pardon my language, HUGE BANK from these so called “Over-competitive” and “Difficult To Crack” Networks, Instagram, Tiktok & Youtube.

Meet Your Coaches:

Alen’s Story:

Hi, my name is Alen, I am a 42 year old father of two beautiful kids. I fell into the online world having had zero experience in this industry and having never worked on camera.

I started looking for opportunities to do something else after the company I worked for in finance started to lay off staff almost on a quarterly basis and I didn’t want to start looking for another job.

Thankfully Greg and I are close family friends and he was already in the online scene so he showed me what he was doing with affiliate marketing, YouTube, email marketing short form content etc. and from there I learnt as much as I could about affiliate marketing and email marketing and I then created my own YouTube channel called Smart Money Tactics which is in the make money online niche.

It has been almost 5 years since I started my first YouTube channel, and after 2 years I was able to leave my 9 - 5 job, my wife also left her 9 - 5 and now helps me with our online business.

That channel now has over 400k subscribers, I have also started another YouTube channel called Smart Video Tactics which has over 60k subscribers. Combined, these channels make well over $300k a year in YouTube ad revenue.

I Also Created An Instagram Account Which Now Has Over 119k Followers

And This Is My Tiktok Channel:

From all this free traffic we generate a further 300k to 400k per year in Affiliate Marketing sales as well.

This does not include any paid sponsorships that we also do from time to time.

All this was achieved through simple content creation and free traffic by someone that had no previous experience in film creation, editing etc.

I’m your first coach and you will be seeing and hearing from me a lot as you join the program.

Along with me is my business partner Greg.

Meet Your Second Coach Greg:

Greg’s Story:

Greg is a 44 year old guy, not a native English speaker, immigrated to Australia, worked 2 jobs to make ends meet. After having his daughter, was determined to give her a good future, started learning online marketing and discovered the power of affiliate marketing.

To succeed with affiliate marketing, we need traffic, and Greg has tried many different traffic sources, until he’s discovered the short form content.

In the last 12 months, a huge trend has emerged - short form content, and Greg has taken full advantage of the trend, with many of his videos getting well over 100,000 views - even though they only take 30 minutes each to make.

Greg is now earning more than he ever earned from his jobs and has more free time than ever to spend with his family.

Greg will be your traffic coach and scaling coach.

Together We've Coached & Still Coach Hundreds Of Students To Success Beyond All Expectations:

Graham Went From 0 To 45,000 Views In One Month:

And Went On To Generate $5,000 From It, Completely Passive Free Traffic

A Month Later Graham Got Another 100K Views…

Julie Went From Struggling With Her Channel To Over 20k Views With Short Videos, Netting A Couple Thousand Grand Completely Passively:

Brad Went From 0 To Over 40,000,000 Views And 50K Subscribers In Just 4 Months!

Mimi Went From 0 To 10K Views In Her First Month With This:

Join Accelerated Paydays At $197 And Get LIFETIME Access:

To Conclude… We Know How To Guide People To Massive Success, FAST

Many coaches and sellers out there will promise the world and sometimes, in rare cases, they even actually practice what they preach.

But we don’t just do that, we also KNOW HOW TO TEACH.

We know how to take a beginner and turn them into successful entrepreneurs in less than a month.

And so please, take what we say on this page very seriously, this is a special opportunity like no other.

What We Have For You Today Is A VERY...

 EXCLUSIVE Opportunity To Get All The Targeted Traffic You Can Possibly Need Starting TODAY

Traffic is the lifeblood of every business and that’s well known by now.

What’s less well known though is the fact that the vast majority of people don’t seem to get it right, or get any traffic at all.

Sure, a few clicks from posting on social media that lead to no sales is technically considered traffic.

But you start seeing results, sales, growth, potential and motivation once you consistently get a few thousand clicks at least per month, ideally per day.

After all, these days, a few clicks isn’t enough, people window shop, people visit and leave, and unless you’re a pro marketer that knows how to get 100% conversion rates... a few clicks, even a few hundred clicks won’t do you any good.

This is why, we’re bringing here today the opportunity to learn from us, copy us, and start as soon as in the next 20 minutes, using only free traffic, and get into a pool of billions of visitors.

Why learn from us? Super simple… We’ve got the results, we’ve got the experience, and we’re on a ROLL this year, beyond anything we ever imagined possible so quickly.

We Are Already At Over 50 MILLION Views In 2023 & We’re Sending The Elevator Down To You:

Yeah, that’s right, as you can see in the images here and around the page, we aren’t doing small numbers.

However, we DID start small.

Last year with a less effective and less fast version of this method, we barely scratched 3 million views, which is still FANTASTIC.

But this year? We’ve gone haywire, beyond any stretch of imagination, we’ve netted over 7 figures and got over 50 MILLION views.

But it gets better, MUCH better.

Because we’ve perfected the system so good that it doesn’t take months, weeks or even days in some cases to already start seeing 5,000, 10,000+ clicks to our offers.

Join Accelerated Paydays At $197 And Get LIFETIME Access:

The Goal Is For You To See Traffic Today, And Make Sales By This Time Tomorrow

We have set a very clear goal for you and anyone who is lucky enough to join our circle today and for the limited time of the special offer.

The goal is very attainable with our system, we’ve done it multiple times, dozens, and students have done it as well, and that goal is simple:

With Accelerated Paydays, you should see traffic today, and get enough traffic to start making money tomorrow.

From there it’s a matter of scaling, and since this is free traffic, our scaling methods are different, you won’t need to put in money to scale, just follow our lead.

The Vision Is To Create At Least...

500 x 5 Figure Students, 100 x 6 Figure Students And 10 x 7 Figure Students With Accelerated Paydays

Beyond our goal for you personally, we also have a vision for Accelerated Paydays, we want to create at least 500 students that will earn $10,000+ or more from this, at least 100 students that will earn $100,000+ from this, and at least 10 students that will earn what we earn, over a million dollars net.

With Accelerated Paydays, It’s The First Time We Believe It’s Possible Without Any Experience

Like I said, we’ve had our less effective, less fast and less perfected versions of this system, but this time, with Accelerated Paydays, we believe it is possible for the first time ever, to take anyone with any experience and any budget, and turn them, flat out, over the course of a few weeks, into full time marketers getting traffic and earning passive commissions like we do, from sources like Youtube, Tiktok & Instagram.

Never before it has been possible for someone to start today, see results today, and quit their job within weeks, all without spending thousands on coaching.

So How Does It Work?

The system works very easily and it’s also pretty simple to understand.

All you need to do (in a nutshell, we dive into the specifics within the training) is learn the loophole within Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram, then create & publish content using that loophole, and then monetize that traffic, which will come in THRONGS, with our special affiliate marketing methods.

It’s important to note though, even if you choose to monetize in other ways, such as your own products, offers and even physical/eCom products, that’s perfectly fine and easy as well

Our preferred method is affiliate marketing because once the traffic becomes automated and passive, you need not do anything other than work on getting more and more traffic, because the commissions will come passively, without any work on delivery, support or branding.

Yes, Traffic From TikTok, Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels WITHOUT Recording Anything And Even Creating Your Own Video

One little thing I have to mention as I’m writing this to you, don’t be scared of competition, of fancy videos or of any recording/creation whatsoever, it’s not necessary in this system. Our loophole gets rid of the competition, basically bypasses it.

And it applies to all networks, Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram.

Our content system does not require you to create your own video, yes you need a video, a clip, a short little sexy traffic getting monster, but you don’t have to create it or even think of ideas for it.

Our system gives you everything you need to publish, and all the information you need to get more and more of these videos ready made for you, often without spending money on them.

If you’re not comfortable recording yourself, like I do for example, then my partners part of the training is going to be a breath of fresh air for you.

I focus on branding ALOT, Greg on the other hand, has multiple businesses in these platforms, he has his own, branded Youtube channel, and dozens of “shadow” channels that work on autopilot using the Accelerated Paydays system.

It’s very easy to dissect to, the system is mainly the loophole, the content (videos) and the offers you monetize with.

Yes, It’s That Easy (If You Know What You’re Doing!)

So yes, it’s very simple, loophole + content + monetization and you’re golden, truly golden, 5,6,7 figure golden.

However, the devil is in the details, and it’s the specifics, the shortcuts, the method itself that we teach inside, that makes or breaks this.

Anyone can go ahead and throw a video together and publish it on Tiktok for example, but it won’t get you anywhere unless the content is truly impressive and immersive and viral.

With our method, you don’t need to worry about creating a good video, about going viral, about waiting or about getting banned or anything like that.

With Accelerated Paydays you can get over 100,000+ views to a clip you didn’t even create, didn’t record, didn’t animate and didn’t even pay any money for.

There’s lots of moving parts, but...

When You Do It Right, This Loophole Is A Life Changer

This is why it’s the perfect system for us and in our opinion, for you as well.

We’ve compacted all the moving parts, all the information in a simple to follow step by step bootcamp.

With clear instructions, templates and downloadable done for you content, you’ve got all you need to hit that 1M views mark and more.

Does 1M views sound like a lot to you? well…

1,000,000 Views Is Not Just Possible, But We’ve Done It Countless Times Over & Over Again, It’s A Formula!

If 1M views sounds like a lot to you, you’re in for a treat, because not only we’ve reached that milestone, our students reached that milestone, but we’ve also done it countless times again and again, and just this year we’re already at over 50M views.

No sweat, I can sit here write this message to you and by the time I take a break I’ll already have at least 20,000 new views added.

And Of Course, Here’s The Proof We Don’t Mess Around!

Enroll Into Accelerated Paydays TODAY For $197 One-Time Payment:

Like A Constant Pipe Of Traffic Flowing ANYWHERE You Want

You may be wondering how it feels to be in this position, which I promise you, you can quite easily also be in it too.

The best way to describe this system is it’s like a pipe where traffic is constantly flowing to you, it never stops, sometimes the current is weaker, sometimes the pipes are about to burst and it’s time to upgrade your server.

Either way, the traffic never stops, the commissions never stop, and you primary job on a daily basis is to simply bring more of it, and create more of these pipes from different sources, niches and audiences.

I’m Talking Traffic In Numbers That Beat Paid Advertising, Without Spending A Dime

Another thing that’s crucial to understand before I show you how the training works, is that we are talking here about numbers that you only see with paid advertising.

A very classic outlook on traffic is that free traffic is slow & sluggish while paid traffic is fast and expensive.

That is both true and a myth, because it’s black and white thinking.

It’s not either or, there’s a huge gray area in between a Facebook ad and a blog post.

Accelerated Paydays focuses on the loophole right in the middle of this gray area, giving you the best of both worlds and ignoring the flaws of both worlds.

I’m Talking Massive Audiences Reached Within Minutes & Hundreds of THOUSANDS of Clicks PER MONTH

And last but not least before I introduce the training and how it’s going to go, it’s important you understand that all these done for you audiences we’ll be giving you, can be reached within minutes of publishing, and you can actually get to 50%, 60% and even 70% of all the audience in less than a week.

In a good, successful campaign you can see over 100,000 clicks coming, and sure, you might not get it today or this week, but even 2,000 clicks this week is enough to jumpstart whatever you are promoting.

We’ve won dozens of affiliate contests and landed #1 and #2 on leaderboards with brand new campaigns without any retargeting or any previous connection to the traffic, no list no leads no lead magnets, straight traffic to offer.

So if all that sounds good to you, allow me to introduce this amazing system:


Accelerated Paydays

Accelerated Paydays is a cloud based, membership based video course, broken down into dozens of easy to consume and actionable videos with actionable steps and even homework.

We leave no stones unturned, however we do understand some people want to get started fast and skip some steps, which is why we built the modules in a “skippable” way, with a fast method as well as the normal method.

This comes in the form of 15+ video modules each consisting of multiple videos.

Each of these sections can be skipped if you feel you already know it or want to focus on the bigger things first, so you can get traffic today.

Inside the membership we are available to you, as well as inside the members only Facebook group.

You can keep constant and direct contact with your coaches and other students at any given time of the day, 24/7/365, and share your progress as hundreds of our students have already done.

Our success rate within the program is extremely high, and quitting your job to make full time online income is something you commonly see in the groups.

You’re in good hands, and by the time we’re done with you, you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank.

Get The Best Traffic FAST

Accelerated Paydays is not just some PDF showing you what works for us right now.

It’s a full blown course, designed to take you by the hand from absolute 0 to tens of thousands of clicks and more without spending a single dime on traffic and without any content creation.

All while bypassing competition.

This is, in our opinion, the ultimate traffic system, and I’m sure that as you’ll start the training, you’ll have the same opinion.

You won’t NEED any other products, system, traffic source or business model, ever again.

Or at least for the next 3-5 years, as we have no plans of stopping and anything new we learn and successfully apply we add to the system right in your members area.

Join Accelerated Paydays At $197 And Get LIFETIME Access:

You DON’T NEED To Create A Video, Record Yourself Or Think Of Content Ideas To Make Accelerated Paydays Work:

One of the main challenges our students faced in the beginning is the creation of videos, the coming up with ideas for the videos and the overall “becoming a public persona” element of this.

This has caused many students to request a way to start that is more beginner friendly, and more “anonymous”.

This was last year, since then, we’ve developed practical ways to get started without creating a video, thinking of ideas or recording anything.

Completely hands free, using free videos and video editors we found to be easy to use and get the type of videos we want, as well as done for you niches and ideas for videos, as well as automated voice overs, plus ChatGPT... We now created a system that is completely independent of branding or building a public persona.

You do NOT need to become an influencer, be well known, try to go viral or try 1,000 times in order to see success.

HUNDREDS of students have built 5 and 6 figure businesses being COMPLETELY INVISIBLE.

See Results TODAY

Plus there is no delay in earning commissions, as soon as you get traffic, you earn money, period.

It starts from the first second and it stops when the campaign stops, finishes or simply put, you maxed out the traffic from that video.

We have literally the fastest monetization system out there.

We have this system down to a T.. We know what works and what doesn’t, you’ll be the one to benefit from this knowledge, as we’ll show you how to make what we call “ASAP” money without any trial and error.

Not only you get done for you resources and products to promote that fit the audiences we tell you to go after, but you also get an endless supply of offers and faster approval to all the offers we are making money with.

And to top it all off, you will of course learn how to find these yourself, and branch out of our little circle into your own independent kingdom.

Enroll Into Accelerated Paydays TODAY For $197 One-Time Payment:

Remember: You’re Jumping In On This Trend EARLY… We 50X’d Our Business This Year With Accelerated Paydays ALONE

Reels & Shorts are HOT… as evident by our MASSIVE recent success with them.

Like I said, just last year we’ve had over 50X less traffic than this year alone and we’re barely past the half of this year.

The timing is perfect, little competition, very high potential, very fast traffic, wide open loophole, done for you everything we can, knowledge acquired and a skill learned that’ll serve you in this space for many years to come.

This is like I already said, the ultimate system.

I urge you to join Accelerated Paydays and enjoy commissions and traffic as soon as TODAY.

And of course, there’s no risk whatsoever in joining us, because in addition to the low price, you’re covered by a…

A Reliable 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Once you join today, you’ll start following our steps and instructions and you should see results today/tomorrow.

However, regardless of whether or not you’ll see results, even if you made $10,000 with this system, you are eligible for a refund as long as it’s within the first 30 days of your purchase, you will have the right to demand your money back even if you became ultra-successful with the system.

Our word is our brand and our brand is our purpose, so you can join knowing that if anything goes wrong (or right..) you can get your money back all fees included, and get on with your life.

A Potential To Millions Of Dollars

The potential here isn’t just traffic but it’s also a potential for a fully automated, passive and profitable business model.

Making millions like we do is NOT a dream, neither me or Greg are anything special, we’re casual people, we don’t like spending too much, we raise our kids and send them to school, we sleep at night and work during the day… really nothing special.

You won’t find any grant cardones here, sorry, we’re just average.

But the money is beyond average, many times more than average, and that is one of the biggest benefits of Accelerated Paydays, the simplicity of it.

Join Accelerated Paydays At $197 And Get LIFETIME Access:

All Work Can Be Done From Home/Laptop/Coffee Shop or WHEREVER You Can Find Some Peace & Quiet To Work For 30 Minutes

I like to work on my way somewhere, Greg likes the peace of his home, both of us have the ability to work whenever and however we want.

All we need is an internet connection, a laptop/mobile phone and the system.

And you my friend are no different, you are following the EXACT SAME system we are, we also watch our videos for refreshments and we also do a lot of just plain copy paste work.

It’s really that easy, and it’ll be a shame if you skip on it for some reason and not enjoy the same benefits we enjoy.

This is truly a lifestyle business and system that no one else we ever seen has done.

A True Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Change Your Life

With a 30 day money back guarantee, a simple system, all our coaching and experience, as well as proof, this is a NO BRAINER.

However you are an adult making your own decisions, so the choice is yours.

I can however tell you that if you miss out on this, you are making a big mistake.

Because not only you can and will share the same lifestyle we share, I’m talking passive income into the 7 figures.

But, you will also learn skills important for your success online in the fastest and most efficient way possible, when you finish the training you will be at a level of a master in this field.

So missing out on this is two fold, you miss out on a profitable opportunity, and also on getting money making skills that no one can teach you, from two 7 figure marketers with very passive businesses.

So I do hope you’ll make the right choice, and if you do, welcome, you won’t regret it.

See You Inside

Here’s A Recap Of What You’re Getting With Today’s Deal:

Access to the Accelerated Paydays lifetime membership.
Access to ALL video modules covering the entire business model from start to finish, included is a quick start method allowing you to skip certain types of sections for a faster launch of your campaign.
Access to the Accelerated Paydays Facebook groups.
Direct access to ask your coaches questions
Done For You Niches
Done For You Audiences
5 Case Studies Of Our Fastest & Highest Performing Campaigns, Broken Down Into A Copy Paste Formula
The “Golden Checklist” Of Steps You MUST Follow To Success, You Will Be Looking At This Checklist Every Day Making Sure You Are Doing Everything Correctly

And a few more surprise bonuses inside the members area!

Join Accelerated Paydays At $197 And Get LIFETIME Access:

Thank you & good luck, yours,

Alen & Greg

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AP a cloud based membership? What system do I need to join the program?

Accelerated Paydays is hosted on a secure membership site, upon purchase you’ll get your login details delivered to your email, after logging in you’ll be able to instantly access all the resources and modules of the program, and you can view them and download them as many times as you like.

The membership is also mobile friendly, so any device would work.

When can I expect to make my first money, get my first clicks, realistically?

If you apply the actionable steps inside the training today, you will launch your campaign today, and you can see traffic and sales today.

If you do it tomorrow, then tomorrow.

Meaning, once you finish the steps needed you are ready to make some money.

Now when it comes to scaling, it’s a different animal, this may take a few days, and there’s some extra work involved. But we made it easy to understand and follow inside Accelerated Paydays.

I’m kind of afraid to invest, nothing against you, just had some bad experiences online. Do you have some kind of refund policy to protect me?

I’m kind of afraid to invest, nothing against you, just had some bad experiences online. Do you have some kind of refund policy to protect me?

AP sounds like ALOT, and I mean it in both the good and bad ways, I’m worried I wouldn’t know where to start, get overwhelmed or experience information overload. Is it really beginner friendly?

Accelerated Paydays is indeed a lot because it covers everything we do, however, it is highly recommended you skip sections of modules you feel you already know or that you think are less important right now, and launch a campaign as soon as possible.

With this way of approaching things, you can have your first video up and running, already getting traffic within 30 minutes.

This is an incredibly intuitive training as well as an incredibly intuitive method, there is no risk in this and the modules are broken down into easy to consume actionable instructions.

I’m a marketer and to be honest, all I care about is getting more traffic, sales, leads & profits. I haven’t fully decided where my focus is going to be, is Accelerated Paydays for me? Can I use it in basic marketing methods like affiliate marketing, ecommerce and social media?

Accelerated Paydays takes care of 3 problems all online entrepreneurs face: getting traffic, converting the traffic into sales, and building a consistent & reliable business out of this process.

More specifically though, we teach you how to convert that traffic using affiliate marketing, because that’s how we do it.

But this traffic works just as well for ecommerce, physical products, solo ads, any online monetization method you can think of.

We have students from different niches & industries that all use short videos to get traffic and sales.

Like I said before, this will teach you valuable traffic skills you can use for many years to come, and generating quality buyer traffic will never be a problem for you again. That’s a promise that we can confidently make thanks to SNP.

Can I see some of the success stories of average (without past success online) people using your methods?

Of course! Here are a couple of extremely inspiring stories of members going from 0 to millions in a matter of weeks and months:

1) Graham Went From 0 To 45,000 Views In One Month

2) Julie Went From Struggling With Her Channel To Over 20k Views

You can see the details of these resutls (and many more) higher up on this page!

Support Desk

All stated earnings and earnings representations on this page are purely our own experience and are not representative of your specific earnings potential. The results listed on this page are not typical, and like with all business, results will vary. The results we have listed here on this page are OUR results and from years of experience. The testimonials listed on this page are not representative of typical results - we only know the results of those people who specifically contacted us to share their results. We DO NOT GUARANTEE you will get similar results, or any results at all. We are NOT claiming that these results are TYPICAL. The average person who buys this course and takes no action will not get any results at all. The results are highly dependant on the buyer's ability to follow the instruction, work ethic, and many other factors. Your results will vary and wull depend on a multitude of factors. This site is not associated with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Google in any way.