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Summary of the instructions from the video above:

Step 1: Click this Skool invite link and on that next page, click "Join Group":


Step 2: After clicking "Join Group" (from the link above), you may be asked to create a Skool account. Do that, if you are prompted to do so.

Step 3: Forward the ThriveCart Purchase Receipt to info@ubcmrr.com (you got this as soon as you purchased). This is how they verify the purchase. DO NOT send a screenshot. Please make sure that you forward the actual email that you received.  

Step 4: Answer all 3 membership questions on the Skool page.

IMPORTANT: When asked "who did you buy it from", enter my name and username as follows:

Greg Kononenko @greg-k-4527

Requests typically get approved within a few hours but can take up to 24 hours.

If these steps are not followed we will decline and you will need to re-request and answer questions again.

You can re-request through this link and hit “join group”:



Send me an email for a quick reply: greg@caffeinatedblogger.com

Make sure to put "URGENT - UBC" into the Subject of the email.

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